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Utah Smoker new to forum

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Hi!  I've been lurking on the forum for a couple weeks and thought I'd make a post or two.  I've really been enjoying my reading here.


I started smoking a couple years ago.  After meeting a gentleman at a dutch oven demonstration, (I've been cooking in them for over 25 years,) who has been into smoking for years, and then eating at his restaurant, I decided I had to learn this art. 


As I started looking for a good smoker and seeing the prices on some of the best equipment I was really debating on what to get.  I was pretty set on an offset smoker and kept talking to the wife about what I wanted.  One day she said she had to run an errand and would I stay home and work on (insert any variety of projects here).  About three hours later she showed up with the smoker pictured below.  She had searched the for sale ads online and drove about 100 miles to get it since as she said, "it was super cheap."


IMGP2497 (Medium).JPG


As you can see it's not much to look at, but the food that comes out is fabulous.  For 2 years I worked on perfecting Smoked Ribs.  I just love 'em.  I finally settled on my favorite way to do them and made 4 racks for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Posse, of which my wife and I are members, at one of our equestrian competitions.  Everybody still raves over them 2 years later. 


I've also smoked trout on it and the few I've been able to get a bite of have been fantastic.  The neighbors usually clean them up before I get to eat much myself.  Funny how smoking draws a crowd.  I've yet to find a way to keep the smell from drifting out of my yard.


I recently decided to try my hand at a pork butt.  However, as I went on the internet and found this site I read about a crazy meat log called a fatty, and got sidetracked.  (See my next post under the Fatties Section.)


I hope to learn all of your smoking wisdom so I'll see you around the board.



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Welcome to the SMF, nice to know that you're getting some use of all the information available to you. Sounds like you'll be hooking up with Dutch at some point. It's all good my friend.

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Your going to love it here!

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I just found the Fatty here as well, I can't wait to try it.  Sounds like you have a good wife there. I just got my offset because i wanted to get a kettle because my little upright was not doing it for me.  My wife said why don't you just get this Off Set that is on sale when we were at the store, that was all she had to say and it was mine.  Hope you enjoy it here, I have so far.

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Welcome to SMF!

 I started smoking on a offset much like that one .

(Trusty Rusty) put out some fine smokes till it lost a battle w/ a falling oak tree.

  Now i have the MES 40" but will soon be building my own UDS and then a 250 gal

rf trailer smoker.

   That SFB will do a great job and if you havn't done it yet look at the mods that you can do to it.

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