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japs and shrooms

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got some jalapenos and some mushrooms ready for the GOSM BIG BLOCK tomorrow


they are stuffed with the following


strawberry cream cheese

seafood cheese spread

blue crab spreadd


of course they will be wrapped with bacon and sprinkled with some rub



july 16 005.jpg



july 16 006.jpg

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Strawberry cream cheese.  That must go down well. 

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That sounds weird!!! Interesting but weird.


Japs with strawberry cream cheese? I'm trying to imagine those two flavours together. Sounds very interesting. Let us know how it turns out.

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heres the finished shotsjuly 16 011.jpg


july 16 012.jpg

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Friend you just gave me some Oak. I am totally into those. WOW!!! They are amazing. Gonna do those soon

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So how was the strawberry? That sounds interesting.

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