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Meat sale!!!

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For anyone in the Baton Rouge and surrounding area . Hi Nabor /jones creek rd. location only  has a fantastic meat sale going TODAY ONLY!!!

Choice angus whole boneless rib eyes $5.99 lb

whole fryers .89 lb

 real nice looking spare ribs $1.79 lb

Baby backs  $2.59 lb

 choice angus fillet  $7.99 lb

 Wings $1.59 lb

 Lots of other sales in the meat dept .

 If you are looking for pork bellies they have a half case left.

 Approx. 25 lbs @$1.79 lb (see Jason)

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Holy cow, I though getting spare ribs today at 1.99 was great and bought 4. Prime rib was 9.95, didn't touch it.


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Safeway is having a pretty good sale going on around these part's.  I got beef ribs for 1.49 a pound, nice thick bone in chops for 1.29, London Broil for 2.49, and their shoulders were 1.49 a pound.  I bought a package of two 8 pound shoulders and the butcher gave them to me for 1.29 a pound.  Wife about crowned me when I got home with 60 bucks of just meat for this weekends smokes.

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In the northwest Ohio area(Millers Markets) We have twinpacks of pork spareribs for $1.29 lb Till they are gone!

I still have 18 cases in the freezer.  These are at cost so somebody help me out please!!!

Sorry no shipping!


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Dang SOB ,

 If i was closer i'd take a case or two at that price. That kind of deal is why i have 1 freezer just for raw meat.

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