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Stovetop Smokers ???

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I recently watched an episode of The Neelys where they used a stovetop smoker.  Frankly, I didint even know they existed.  I looked them up online and they seemed relatively inexpensive (as far as smokers go).  It appears that you do the smoking with chips on the stove and then finish the meat in the oven.  Does anyone have any experience with these? Reccomend them? Do's and Dont's?




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IMO the word "oven" is faux pa in these parts......

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I agree with the Junkie Dude and the oven is not well liked around here but the table top smoker is out there. Now the Neely's are about the same as boiling ribs and then putt'in them in the smoker to finish. Also NOT a good thing. Nopw if you want to use a table top smoker go for it just leave out the oven part.

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I have eaten fish smoked on the stovetop smoker and it wasn't bad. But i wouldn't try using it on anything that took any ammount of time .

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Good for smoking fish and chicken parts, between the steam and the heat from the chips, it cooked those meats well, with plenty of smoke flavoring. They usually are of very good construction, and stainless steel for easy cleanup.


Bad for filling up you kitchen, furniture, curtains, and such with the smell of smoke. Some women don't like that in the home. My wife had to throw away a purse that was within 20 ft. of the stove smoker, she couldn't get the aroma(smell) out of it.


It can be useful under the right conditions.

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