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Thats looking GREAT.. I've never basted with just EVOO before, normally i use a apple juice jim beam (or spiced rum) mixture at 3 to 1. Keep us posted on how it works...By all means Grandpa's tester has the final say!!! Sometimes I don't use any sauce at all. Its still awful good.



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LOL! Yes that 7year old palate is much more sensitive than my crusty ole tongue!


1430hrs; probe 1=187f probe 2=188f..............


temps still holding at 235.. so I will not add wood till next check!

8hrs into the smoke and going well!

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1600hrs; probes were at 193f..........

it has a nice look to it, so I pulled it and put it in an insulated chest to rest till I open it and pull it for our meal at 1800hrs..

Picnic 10lb 7-15-10 022.JPG

It feels great as the bone almost came out when I moved it to the pan ......I am very pleased with the color and the proof is in the pudding as they say..... so we will let you know!  Thanks for putting up with me for the day!

and off we go......

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that looks very good

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I would have been tempted to take it to 200 before pulling it.  You look to have nice pull-back around the bone, tho.  Your timing sure came out sweet! That is one fine looking piece of meat.  Bet you are going to be very happy with your results!  Let us know.  Good luck and enjoy!

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Great Qview!  I'm sure there won't be any complaints from the crowd!  Thanks for sharing all the details.

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LOL----Thanks for putting up with you for the day????


Your pictures helped me make it through the day!!!




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Thanks Folks... this has been fun...


In Summary;

There were 6 hungry guys that showed up last night......guinea-pig2.jpgAnd believe it or not .... there were no sandwiches coated with BBQ sauce.. 2 guys from texas, 1 from montana, 1 from okla, and the other 2 from ariz... a suprise to me, we all used coldslaw and a hot sauce that is used around here a lot.. there was 2 commercial bbq sauces, the hot sauce and mustard available.. I put about a 1/3 cup of the finishing sauce on it and a couple of the guys liked it so much that they gave their sandwiches a shot of it along with the hot sauce... I tried not to influence anyone and waited till last to make mine and they totally blew me away by all choosing not to use sweet sauces....    the following pictures show the bone and skin waste and the remains of the pulled pork ... everyone ate 2 or 3 sandwiches piled high with meat and I estimate half was eaten ... so it would easily feed a dozen hungry guys and probably 2 doz people if half were women and children...Picnic 10lb 7-15-10 002.JPGPicnic 10lb 7-15-10 003.JPGOK, I'm ready for the next challenge....

thanks for the suggestions on splitting the wood.. I am definitely trying it on the next smoke.. and I was very pleased with the olive oil coating .. it didn't burn and kept the outer layer looking much better than the color of the last one I did. I think I will also try a dry rub without sugar in it also to see if that is causing some of the black color...

We served brown beans with the sandwiches and I put some of my homemade bacon in it ... that caught the attention of some of the guys and it was a hit..

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Glad to hear everything went well! Gotta agree the finishing sauce is excellent and just adds that flavor I have a hard time putting into  Not 100% positive but I've read sugar doesn't burn at low and slow temp's.  I can say from my last two baby back smokes, I used brown sugar heavily and it didn't appear to burn at all.  


For have to try Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.

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 Looks great!!! Next time cook the beans with the butt, on the smoker, with a few pieces of the pork added. Yum!!!!  I found a store with that smoker in Nashville but no home depots or lowes around here carry it.  It's a nice looking piece of equipment. Congrats on a fine smoke and a great dinner!  

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Thanks guys, I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot just doing this one smoke...


Smoking gun, I have not seen another one since I got it... it came from Las Cruces, NM. where my son bought it and I live in Tucson, Az.... I looked here and no one carries it here .. for 499.00 I haven't seen one as well built as this is. The more I use it the more I am liking it.. I only did two modifications .. the exhaust was lowered to grill level and I put in a baffel by the fire box...

I am definitely going to start cooking my beans along with the pork, It is mainly a confidence thing..LOL... I'm getting braver as I go....

DeanNC, I still don't understand the color thing yet! My next smoke next week is going to be spare ribs and I am going to cover them with brown sugar as an experiment.... I saw it on a video here on the web and liked the looks of it.. sometimes the pork roasts look a dark golden brown and the next time it may be a very black black... I am beginning to think it has something to do with the amount of sap in the mesquite logs that I use.... I have three different types of mesquite on my property and haven't seperated them yet.. but will when we trim the trees this winter and see if the different types cause the difference. There is the Honey mesquite, Arizona mesquite and the Screwbean mesquite. I have never used the wood by type before, but will...

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