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wow so i went to walmart, they had little ones but thats lame.  Tried a dollar tree, nothing.  Went down to Target, nope!  Went to the Mall (I hate the Mall) walked twice around, nada.  Came home tried the local grocery store, yeah right. 


What a wasted evening, guess I'll order some online.  Thanks for the suggestions though

If you don't have any how can the "little ones" be lame? I'm surprised you couldn't find the red and yellow squeeze bottles for mustard and ketchup at Wal-Mart, those are larger than the "lame" ones. I also use kethcup bottles, but they are harder to clean.

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I use the ketchup bottles like everyone has said but when I make sauce to give/sell I use glass mason jars, a bit more pricey but nice look and if they choose they can put in squirt bottle.

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try EBAY you can find anything and everything there you can buy them indivdual or by the case

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In our area we have a SYSCO (restaurant supply) store that we can go to for things like that.  Also carry out containers.  In some areas they are wholesale to businesses only, but here they have a retail outlet.


I just did a google on restaurant supply bucks county pa and it pointed me to Lancaster -- probably not much good to you.

You might be closer to Philly than to Dutch country. 


None of that answers for you -- but might give you some ideas for searches.

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I've bought them from Walmart before.

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I have a few of those, I buy mine at a restaurant supply store by me called Best Bargains, I think I pay somewhere around $6 for 4 of them

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Have you found a squeeze bottle you like yet?  We were at Wal-Mart today.  They claim to carry them at $0.97 each, but were out of stock.  Don't know how big they would have been.


Here is a source you might try: , 12 of them for $8.95, 12 oz size.  Depending on where you are, shipping costs might almost double that price.




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 Try the Phone book for a restaurant supplier. I tried Walmart, Target, Sears, and some others, none of them had any. I just got some about an hour ago, from Kitchen Capers, in Moorestown NJ.

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I know of two sources - one I've done business with - FREUND  (google it)



Good luck,


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If your wife goes to Micheal's or Joanne's or anywhere that has a cake decorating section, Wilton makes some and they have small or large ones and they are less than a dollar a piece.

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