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Salmon question...

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I have just returned from a trip to Wisc. salmon fishing. Some of the filets that I brought home have small sharp bones along where the spine would be. Is there a way to remove those or do you just need to be VERY careful when eating?



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To ways to remove the pin bones.  Needle nose pliers and some time.


Or you can cut a high angle V in the flesh on each side of the pin bone line.  And remove that whole stip.

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So this is a common thing with fresh salmon?

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Originally Posted by MoFo View Post

So this is a common thing with fresh salmon?

Yes.  I just smoked a sockeye (filleted) and a coho (steaked, with bones) and yes bones generally are present, even the best fillets have'em.  We are use to the fact and work around them.  If the salmon is "done", bones are easy to remove as you consume the fish.  It's like the rain in Washington State, it just happens and we don't mind.  However, if you're going to ruin the salmon by turning it into paste something or other (my personal opinion, of course) then you need the needle nose pliers and lots of patience.

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