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Nuts -- how to?

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We have a new A-Maze-N smoke generator (AMNS) and gave it a try to do cold smoke of some cheese and some almonds.  The cheese came out good, but the almonds did not have as much smoke flavor as we would have liked.


We spread the raw almonds out on a cheap foil tray, with holes punched to let smoke through.   They got smoked for a total of about 10 hours in two sessions.  Used the hickory sawdust.   We can taste a mild smoke, but would like a lot more.


Any suggestions? 

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You need to coat the nuts in a couple of tbls of olive oil to "catch" the smoke.  I like to add salt, cayenne and maybe a few shots of your favorite hot sauce...  If you don't like it hot just some oil.  Grind your salt in a herb grinder to make it real fine, then sprinkle it on, mmmmmm good.

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If you look in the fruits,nuts, vegetable forum you will find a lot of recipes

Here is a link to some I did and others that also used the recipe



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