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Nitrile gloves availiable at any local drug store. Cheap in bulk.


this, Costco sells two boxes of 500 each for less then $10
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I always us nitrile because my wife has a allergy to latex. I try ro be alert ro any allergy anybody that is coming to a cookout moight have. No reason to have the local emts at the party.
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I use those glove...have an allergy to the Powder in the gloves....but also use the cotton cheapo gloves from Harbor Freight....brown or black ones....then put the nitrile gloves over them when I am pulling pork.  Keeps the heat out...and you can wash the cotton gloves.



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I like the latex/nitrile gloves for all kinds of things. I used the blue ones the most, and used them in working on cars to messing with peppers. I have not used them with meats, because I haven't put rub on meat much (yet). I can get them at work (auto parts store)
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