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Turkey Pastrami Roll

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Here is some pics of this Turkey Pastrami Roll i did yesterday.


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i made with pure dark meat since i found some legs on sale for the 4th of July weekend. made its a bitch to get all the meat off the sinew i scrape every last bit off lol i took me about an hour for four legs about 5 pounds of meat. but before i had cured it for 5 days in a wet cure with salt, pepper, coriander seed, brown sugar and thyme. also i didn't have any casting so i rigged one up with plastic wrap i seen a chef do it a while back.

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So how was it?  Did it meet your hopes/expectations?  Would you make it again?  Any other details on how you made it?


I might try something like this.....

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i would make it again love the taste it needed a bit more salt i should have not soaked it for as long as i did. also next time i want to have a artificial casing so i can stuff it all in the same casing this time i made 2 smaller rolls and poached them at 175-180 for about 90 mins. oh and i also smoked the legs prior to skinning and de-boning them. smoked them at 120 for about 1/12 hours to get some smoke flavor in them.

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that does look good, nice job


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thanks if anybody wants to know how i made it step by step feel free to ask!!

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I've had turkey pastrami before and I loved it!


I, for one, would love to see the step-by-step.  TIA!

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Bratrules, I would love to get the step by step procedure if possible.Looks-Great.gif

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