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Summer Sausage Experience

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I descided to make some venison summer sausage.  Friday night I ground the venison and pork butt and added the seasoning and cure, stuffed in 2 x 20 inch casings and put in the refrigerator over night.  I had purchased an electric hot plate to use in a Brinkman Electric Smoker to control the temperature.  Saturday morning I got up and let the took the sausage out of the refrigerator and let set at room temperature for 2 hours.  I stuck a thermometer in the smoker where the top goes on the base.  I used fish hooks to hang the sausage from the top grate and turned on the hot plate.  I left the sausge for 1 hour at 120 degrees then added wood chips to a pie pan I sat on the hot plate.  It did not seem to put out that much smoke.  I smoked at 120 degrees for 1 hour then bumped the temperature up to 140 for 2 hours.  I then added more wood chips and found out he highest the hot plate would get the smoker was 160 degrees.  I smoked until the temperature reached 140 degrees internally and it seemed to stall.  I then put the sausage in the oven at 175 dgrees until the internal temperature reached 152 degrees.  I gave the sausage an ice bath until the internal temperature dropped to 100 degrees.  Hung sausage for 2 hours and put in refrigerator overnight.  My wife and I tried it with some crackers this morning and it was very good.  My observations.

1.  I need to get a sausage stuffer

2.  I need to make a smokehouse

If anyone has any suggestions to help it would be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like you did perfect with the equipment you have available to you. You would be surprised the increase in temp you would have gotten just by adding 2 or 3 pre-lite charcoals to your wood chip pan and the additional smoke they will provide. Glad to hear of your success with your first summer sausages !!!

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Sounds like ya'll did a great job  I've had to put summer sausage into the oven before too the weather got me in the middle of a large summer sausage smoke.

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