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Bleeding for my art - ribs

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Well I got a late start today, and while at the grocery, proceeded to rip a toe nail on the buggy.  Stupid sandals!


Anyway, 2 racks of pork ribs, one of beef and 2 meatloaf are now in and will hopefully be done in time for a little late dinner tonight or tomorrow night.


They say an artist must sacrifice for their work. 

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Pics!  Beef Ribs


beef ribs.jpg


Pork Ribs


pork ribs.jpg






Dinner tonight - corn casserole/pudding; potato salad, sourdough bread and home grown maters and nanner pepper.  Yummm!



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Looks good!!!

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I just ate... and now I'm hungry again. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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Looks great...I love maters too

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Now it all looks great to me. As I sit in a hotel room some 300-400 miles away from my smoker. But I'm eating a breakfast fattie for dinner.

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Wow... Looks fantastic!!! Care to share whats in the corn casserole/pudding?

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No problem.  I got the recipe off of this forum (  I added a diced onion and a serrano pepper to this batch.  It was good.



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Thats why I wear shoes.

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