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Too much, Too soon?

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Started my butt at 5 AM.  Started with a little too much charcoal and heated between 250-300 for a while.  At around 10 AM, the internal temp was at 135.  This is a 9 pounder.  Should I be concerned, or just continue on between 200-225 for the next five hours or so and forget it?

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No worries, you will be fine.Just stay low and slow till you reach your desired temp.Pork butts are very forgiving..Happy smokes.

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it'll be fine.  i have actually taken to cooking the larger cuts at a slightly higher temp anyways.  for butts and brisket, i have been running in the 250 - 275 range.  still moist and tender, but you get to knock off a couple hours.

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Mike is right the higher temps for awhile won't matter much in the grand scheme of a pork butt smoke some people actually smoke them at those higher temps the whole smoke tho I personally like the 225-250 range its whatever suits your tastes and produces a product you think is good. The butt will be done when it hits the right temp not the amount of time it has smoked as no two pieces of meat are the same

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