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Thanks for all the good info.

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Went to a bbq smackdown against six diffrent cookers. It was cook what ever you want. I smoked 2 briskets, 2 pork shoulders, and 6 full racks of ribs. The winning item was the brisket. Learned for you guys or gals about mopping and injecting the brisket and finishing it off covered in foil and letting it rest an hour or two before serving. Thanks again.

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What type of smoker, wood, rub etc. etc. did you use? Did you win with the brisket? 

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We're glad to have helped ya get there .

That is what this site is all about.

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Congrats on putting the smackdown on'em with that brisket!  Great job!  

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congrats on the win

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Congrats My Friend. I am entering in a Smokeoff in Northern Kentucky in August. and I hear there is some stiff compeditors. I am taking the Trophies home!!! Beef ( Homemade Pastrami with smoked Sauerkraut ) Win!! Pork ( Ribs with smoked Applesauce glaze ) Win!! Poutry (Beercan Chicken Stuffed with Pineapple ) Win!!!  I got this Baby.

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I built a smoker using a 80 gallon air compressor tank with a fire box on the side. Cooking surface is35''by 23'' run off of propane. Yes i did win for the brisket using a rub recipe made by me with help from some diffrent websites and made it my own adding and deleteing spices.I also tried a mop for the first time. I wrapped in a alumnium pan last 4 hours of cooking, very moist and tender meat. new at computers wiil try and post a picture of the smoker or will post a qview when i cook on july 24th for family and freinds

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Good Q will win every time around, congrats. It's all good my friend.

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