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Bacon time

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Picked up a belly while out shopping at an Amish market a while ago.  Trimmed it up and rubbed it with buckboard bacon mix.  In the fridge it went.




Also did three 2lb pieces of CB in a mixture of TQ and my rub minus the salt.  No pics though.


Today they will be going in the smokers, plus a couple of meatloaves.  The belly bacon is in the Bandera now being smoked with a mix of apple and hickory. 




Later today the CB and meatloaves will go in the Brinkmann.  I'll try to remember to take pics then.

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Dawn, thanks for sharing the good stuff. I'll be waiting on the pics. It's all good my friend.

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Canadian bacon waiting to go on the Brinkmann. Going to use oak and keep it around 225.


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It looks like a good start and I look forward to more Qview later

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Bellies are looking great!  Temps are fairly easy to keep around 120 now that I put an umbrella up to shade the smoker.  Was getting false high readings from the sun beating down on it.  They've been cold smoking since 7 am.



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Pulled the CB at 155.  Smells yummy!



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Originally Posted by irishteabear View Post

Pulled the CB at 155.  Smells yummy!



Dawn they look just great. I only wish I could taste it through the monitor. Congrats to you lady!

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Good looking CB's.

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Those look great!!

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Lookin' Great Dawn,


But I knew it would. You're one of the ones who taught me CB way back when you were just a kid----Ooops, you still are.


Seems somebody at your house eats a lot of outstanding Bacon!




Thanks for showing---I await the slicing pics,


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Out of the smoker after 12 hours and into the fridge for the night.  Will partially freeze and slice tomorrow.  Stay tuned!



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YUM I know somebody thats gonna be having some good bacon for awhile 

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I'm "Tuned In"!!


Man That Looks GREAT!!!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Canadian bacon, sliced. The younger vultures were swarming as I was starting to bag it up and pronounced it delicious.





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The belly bacon was frozen when I sliced it, worked great that way! Cooked up a couple of slices for the vultures to try. The younger one said it was the best bacon he's ever had. The older one wouldn't even try it. When I asked him why his reply was "Because I can". Teenagers!   



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It looks gook looks like your set for awhile on bacon!!  If the older one doesn't try it thats not all bad it means more for the rest of you 

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Awesome !




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great lookin bacon!!!!!!!!!

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great job

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Now thats some mighty fine looking bacon you have there Dawn. You should be set for a little while. I'm sure you will be loving the BLT's that are coming now.

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