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Today's Smoke

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Hey, I went with a smaller Pork Butt 5.66 lb today, With 2 Philly Style Fatty's, and ABT"s.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 001.jpg


Mustard and Jeffs Naked Rub. ( I was out of Brown Sugar, so I made some with sugar and molassas). No clumps at all and I could control the darkness. I Like It.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 003.jpg


Here it is at 165 about to wrap in foil. Smoked at 225 the whole time.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 006.jpg


Sat in cooler with towels for 2 hrs.  Here is the first breaks and bone removal.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 007.jpg


Ready to eat, Yea Jeff is right on that rub ! Best I have ever made or had. I used his spritz too.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 002.jpg


Philly Style Fatty's with roast beef and fire roasted pepper's, onions, and Cheez Whiz - The only way to go on a philly.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 004.jpg


These were my first Fatty's, I could have gone with more Chees Wiz but was worried about cheese leakage. I wont be so worried next time. But either way WOW ! That was a great lunch waiting for the pork. 2.25 hrs at 225  pulled at 170. Perfect.


Pork Butt and Fatty's July 005.jpg


ABT"s I had some Mini pepper's and just the 6 Jalop's. Big mistake in not going and getting more, They went faster than you could believe. So good Cream Cheese and Chedder and a bit of Jeff's naked rub. Then wrapped them with the bacon and held with a toothpick.


All in all, a great day ! ! Best Pork Butt I have ever done and all the thanks go to This site, Jeff, and his Rub, and all you, and and your tips.


Thanks Steve



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I see bacon but none on the fattie.   (Sniff)  That pork looks terrific.  Pass some over here please!!  Also, I love the color of the peppers.

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That bark on that butt looks great!  Interesting trick there with the molasses and sugar.  

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My compliments, great looking Q. That FATTY is the $$$ shot. Thanks for sharing, and the drooling. It's all good my friend.

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that all looks great, abt's always go fast

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It looks like a very tasty smoke nice job

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That is a delicious looking fatty!!! I love the Phillies as well... Good show!!!


I love the sugar and molasses trick... Very clever!!!

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