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The four pics in post 18 are of my buddies first rig following along its life changing into a 16 foot tandem trailer with rotisserie, sinks, tables, and so on.


The pic where I have drawn the circle showing the air valve is my smoker. As well as all the pics in the click-able links are my own rigs.


I was tryin to be a smarty pants when I made the comment about my sig. LOL  Just tryin to give ya a little poke and jab, see I was stirring the pot again.


I will try to clean my trailer off this weekend and get better pics, the floor is shaped like an arrowhead. I need pics anyways so I can sell it.


My buddy is a big chiefs fan, but I think my wife is more of a fan. My whole basement is decorated chiefs style. For me sports are like sleeping pills, 5 minutes and I'm out.