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I use vinegar in my wet rubs all the time for pork and poultry, not beef.

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Originally Posted by swalker View Post

Hi Johnny,


   Give it a try...Rum is made from I have been it seems to put a good bark on the meat. Give it a try and let me know what you think...I have used it for a long time now. It is just stuff we learn as we go along...Smok'in is great ain't it?




Hey Steve,


I have a yearly camping event going on the first week of August and I'm going to be doing up about 15 racks. I will most certainly try out your spiced rum and apple juice spritz. I'll set up a Qview and let you know how it turns out. You could not be more right, smoking IS great!!! It's even better now that I have people to discuss it with! Thanks SMF!!!




Johnny K.


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Originally Posted by celticgladiator View Post

I'm kind of fond of Jameson Irish Whiskey myself......and for a summer treat I mix it with ginger ale and add a wedge of lemon and lime. ahh refreshing!!!!

I do the same with Jameson's, minus the ginger, lemon and lime... 


If you would like a real treat in the blistering summer sun, try whipping up some Lynchburg Lemonaid.


- 1 Can of lemonaid from concentrate (Making it from scratch is always best but who's got time for that???)

- 3 cans of water (As per the instructions on the can of lemonaid.)

- 1/2 cup of bar lime (Adds a little more tart and cuts some of the sweet. Can be left out if you like it a bit sweeter.) 

- I can of Sprite

- Fresh lemon and lime slices (The more the better!!! I would usually use 3 limes and 2 lemons per jug.)

- 26oz of Jack Daniels (Surprise, surprise...)


Mix, pour over ice, serve... For something a little more special, grab a bottle of Raspberry syrup and add a small splash to each glass. (Use the syrup sparingly as it is really sweet and concentrated.) This lemonade is super quick, easy and always a hit at all of my events!!!


WARNING: Goes down real easy and is a wee bit strong but a very light Jackie D taste... Count how many your drinking or you may find yourself feeling real good in a real hurry!!!

What was this thread about originally???

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For a real good rum mop . Use meyers dark rum and mix w/ apple juice

 or even better guava nectar.

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We're talking ribs, right??????  Now, I've really got some ideas for a truck group campout, boondocking at it's best..... and I'm doing ribs.....with a kick.  Let's see, Meyers Rum  and apple juice.  Secret squirrel stuff.......

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A vinegar rinse or short soak certainly wont do any harm, but dont forget that your about to cook those things for 5-6 hours.  Any tenderizing affect is going to be negligilble if you cook the ribs properly, so I wouldnt go too far out of my way to make sure I use vinegar.

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