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whole turkey

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Hey guys,

I need some help.I just acuired a 11-13 # turkey from someone who's freezer went out.So I need to do something with this thing.My smoker's heating element is acting up so smoker is down.I do have a weber kettle I was thinking on using.So any tips on how to go about this?Thanks

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I did a turkey on my kettle just recently... Here is a link

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Thanks for the link!How long do you think it will take to cook this bird?

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Seems like it was right around 3 hours.....Took the breast to 165 internal temp..

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I would do just what Mike tells you cause he's that good. I swear.

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thanks for the help guys.I am going to give this a go.Mike did you buy those charcoal baskets,or make them?I might have to look into those,seems like they would help out quite a bit for the minion method.Thanks..Josh


edit.Never mind on the basket question I just found what looks like yours for sale at amazon.

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