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Pork Ribs - QViews (Finished)

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First ones were decent, but not as tender as I'd hoped.  After reading the forums for awhile, I'm ready to try again...Haven't done the country style yet, but why not?!!


Starting point baby backs & country style

Smoker 7-10-10 002.jpg

Few of my favorite spices - Kansas City rub for the baby backs, Lone Star for the country style

Smoker 7-10-10 003.jpg

Sprinkled and Rubbed (have to remember to get me some gloves - or a nail brush!)

Smoker 7-10-10 007.jpg


Smoker 7-10-10 004.jpg


Now wrapped and in the fridge to smoke TOMORROW - more Qviews to come

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We will be waiting to see the final are off to a great start.

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Finished - Hubby said they are the best he's had.  I'll have to take his word for it, since I'm not a fan of pork ribs (but they did look good and I tasted the ends - my favorite part of anything smoked - and I thought it was good, too).  At this point, wouldn't change anything except add more spice on the ends - Husband doesn't do hot, but I think it would be great on them.


Country style (this is after they were wrapped in foil for 2 hours - out of necessity), but they were very juicy and tasty!  The pork tenderloin was very moist too, wrapped it in two pieces of bacon per tenderloin, removed it from smoker at 148.

Smoker 7-10-10 013.jpg

The rack on top feel apart as I was moving them around (I took the out of the foil for the last 30 minutes)

Smoker 7-10-10 015.jpg

The family came home from church and devoured them, this is a slab that I sliced in pairs for my husband's lunch this week - the bones up front are the "extras" that fell out while I was cutting them up - nice and clean!

Smoker 7-10-10 017.jpg

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Wow, they look great. Nice job

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Nice looking ribs!

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