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Been a long long time

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I started here a couple years back or so, learned a lot, posted a bit, learned a lot, ate a lot, and even made some friends, and then I just sort of faded out, but I was still reading here almost every day, and then from time to time, and then not as much as I should have.  What a mistake!  I still smoke on my ECB up here in the NW, nothing too fancy because I am not too good (but when I hit it right, people love it!). For one odd reason or another I just wanted to share with folks that everything you write here is read and probably immitated by amateur wannabes like me. Practice makes perfect, right?  It's always a pleasure to see the creativity here, the success, the failures, the tasty expiriments.  It's great.  Cheers to all the back yard smokers out there. 

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Steve welcome back good to see you posting again

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Welcome back Steve! Looking forward to your posting and help in teaching some of us newer newbies! 

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It's never too late to get back in the game, welcome back Steve. It's all good my friend.

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