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4th of July TD voting poll - Page 2

Poll Results: Whicn entry earns your vote for the 4th of July TD?

Poll expired: Jul 15, 2010  
  • 50% (20)
    Blueberry vanilla vodka cured shrimp with garden brushetta
  • 50% (20)
    Strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberry tarts
40 Total Votes  
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Time to Bump!

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I'd agree, Bear ... we're back at a TIE VOTE!!

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Yea, I love both of my sisters, but a tie is like kissing your sister, and I don't do that!




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A little over 2 hours until the voting closes for this one (midnight EST). Please be sure to get your vote in, this race is close!

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And its a tie!

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Originally Posted by bbally View Post

And its a tie!

... and we cannot have a tie.


Since we did not have a Judges' Vote for this event, we will ask the three of them to judge the two entries. The winner will be based on the results of their votes. I will send PMs to the Judges and request that their votes be turned in to me by the end of the weekend. At that point, we should be able to announce a winner.


Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for these two entries!

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Gonna be a tough call.  Good luck to both entries!

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