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Congratulations to you both.  I could get into either one of those.

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Conrats to both of you.  Both of those look great!

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Great looking entries! Congratulations to both of you!

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i am with Bassman here all the way. sorry i didnt get a chance to vote... from polish heritage so the perogis strike home a bit, but also like silverwolfs method of smoking a tater... much more surface area  for the smoke to penerate on.


all the people who enter these throwdowns need to know they are all winners, yeah i know there is a prize for the true #1 etc... but think of the ideas passed along to the other members. you know if someone went thru the effort of picturizing it and entering it that is has to be good and worthy of possibly being added onto your list of things to do. yes kudos to bbally and silverwolf, but kudos to all the other entries as well. many of us appreciate them.

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Congrats to BBally and Silverwolf, great entries that deserved a win.

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