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Canadian Bacon

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Well here's my first attempt at canadian bacon. I used the Hi Mountain buckboard bacon mix and smoked with hickory and whiskey oak till 140. When I did the salt test it was perfect but I soaked for an hour anyways. Somehow after it was smoked it was saltier than the fry test but was still very good.  Maybe because it was an enhanced loin? Anyhow I found a butcher shop not to far from me that has some awesome meats so I hopefully wont have them problems anymore.Enjoy



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looks great. I've been wanting to try some canadian bacon. did it taste like canadian bacon or not really? I hadn't thought of just using the BBB kit.

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Yeah it tastes just like canadian bacon. I would suggest non-enhanced loins, I think thats why mine came out just a little to salty for my taste. I should have soaked it longer, my bad. I will be making this alot. I think I'll grind this batch up for pizza toppings.

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