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Apple Wood Smokin'- First Time!!

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I just order some apple wood to smoke this weekend and its going to be delivered this week! So I am excited! My question for you SMF is how do i go about burning it. Do i have to soak it like i would do wood chips and if so how do i get it to burn. Or do i jus light it. And are there any non toxic fire starters that are safe to use when cooking food. PLS HELP. Thanks in advance.

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what are you smoking?

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brisket, boston butt, and ribs.

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I would just do your normal(unless there is no normal). I'd start with a charcoal fire and once they cook down and your fluid has burned off I'd add the apple right before adding the meat. and just smoke like normal. if they are chunks or bigger, I wouldn't bother soaking. if its chips then maybe so just so they last a little longer

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Is this apple wood chunks, chips or splits and what kind of smoker electric, propane, charcoal, or stick burner?

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I guess some things that would help to determine that is, what are you smoking in? How is your Apple wood processed? ( logs, blocks, medallions...) I assume you are going to just use the wood to produce your heat and not lump charcoal or anything like that?

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Dang that pineywoods beat me to the submit button But I like the way you think Piney

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its a char broiler with offset smoker. the wood is in log forms. its a charcoal smoker. Should i use charcoal? I can. I usually jus use kingsford. I have a chimney so i dont use lighter fluid.

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Good call with the chimney, no offense to anyone else but I like to keep it pure as possible. My opinion is the logs may be too big of a fire for an offset smoker. I'g go with the kingsford and cut the logs into small rounds and even then split them smaller still and add them off and on during the smoke. Soak them if they are small enough.

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Cut the apple wood into chunks about 2" x 2" and use your charcoal for heat and just add the chunks of wood for the smoke flavor. Place the chunks off to the side of the fire a bit not directly on the fire this will allow them to smoke and not catch fire most of the time. Remember you want thin blue smoke (TBS) or no smoke and just the smell of the wood

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What he said ^^^^^ Jeryy knows his woods well most of them for sure.

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