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It was a sad 4th this year

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I woke up yesterday AM planning to fire up the UDS and smoke up a pork loin and try a few smoked stuffed burgers. That was brought to a halt about an hour after I was awake, I must have pulled a muscle something terrible. It hurt to reach, it hurt to sit, heck it hurt to breath deep. So I just laid around being lazy till my boss called. Not sure if I'm a sucker or that I just really like money, but told him I would be half handicapped but I would come in. The loving thieves around here are stealing copper again, bless there heart.


After replacing 300' of wire I headed home and made a stop to pick up extra fireworks for the kids. At this point it wasn't all bad, until we went out to light the fireworks, and it started raining. We did manage to get half way finished, still wasnt all bad.


Today it was raining again so I jumped in to fix the kitchen facet, its been leaking for 4 weeks now. Got that done and the wife says, Is water suppose to come out the bottom of the bathroom facet? I run to the store and grab a new one and replace it.


Her durango's air konked out a while back and got the leak fixed but never charged it. Got the gauges and the 134a and got her charged back up.


OMG then the wife says one of the kids says the hot water in the shower won't shut all the way off.


I try to replace the stem and of course they dont have the parts for the one I have!!!


A new facet for the shower, a hole in the other bathroom wall, and a big mess.


Four trips later, for the parts I didn't think I needed and the ones I just straight up forgot, I get it finished and no leaks. Yea for me, except it was 11:00 pm when I got the water back on.


The pork will have to cook tomorrow night I guess. Since the wife didnt think I would be much in the mood for a big dinner, I missed out on chuck burgers on the gasser, potato casserole, and cream corn.


The working part isnt to bad, But the missing out on smoking makes me pretty darn sad!!!!

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Sounds like you had a mess of a weekend. Like I tell my wife (and she just rolls her eyes of course), "A man's work is never done" and that is so true especially if you own your own home.


Well, hopefully you can get your smoke "fix" soon and forget about the smoking blues that comes from not seeing the thin blue often enough.


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I am sorry for you Tom, But it's gonna get better. The TBS will make you forget the blues. And Jeff you are just a darn good guy

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Man whenit rains it pours. Glad you got it all running a back in working condition. I am sure your smoker missed you as much as you missed it.  Hope your week picks up for you.


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Tom that doesn't sound like a fun weekend but at least you got it all done now and maybe you can spend some time around the smoker and hope the pain from the pulled muscle subsides

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Thanks everyone, so so true that the shower was back in working order...........if it was still broke I think I might be smellin less then delightful. Thats the down side of still only having one shower. Another in in order just not here yet.


And OMG it could have been worse!!!

      What if the smoker had rolled out in the street and been hit by a car??????

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