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The rustoleum is available in  ( at least ) three different sheen levels, the flat black having the highest heat resistance, the gloss less. And now they have high heat ultra ( that I have not tried.)  Lowe's carries a different sheen than Home depot.  and Ace another, so don't just look at the price....



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This one is matte black and a whole lot of different colors. I have some I will be putting on my firebox when it drys up and warms up.
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Funny, I spent several hours this morning researching to see if there was anything new on the market to finish my new build.

I had hoped to find a product that had would hold a semi gloss finish and give better resistance to stain and be easier to clean. I had asked my paint vendor to get me data sheets on por15 's black velvet and house of colors high temp line.

The por15's data sheet was vague so I called the info line and talked to one of the manufacturer paint tech's and told him what I was looking for. It turned out that their product is basically the same as everything I've tried before, a silicon based enamel that is flat or satin, porous and not very good at stain resistance.

House of color stopped me cold at the price, $90.00 a pint is no option to be painting a cooker with.

I am even willing to go down in temp. Resistance, say even down to around 700* if I could find something more stain resistant, with my double plating the firebox's, I really don't need an extreme heat paint anymore.

My web research only came across a product by superior industries that sounds promising, but price is up there as we'll, so it may be a no option as we'll.

Thurmalux makes a clear that you can apply as a top coat to their high heat enamel, but is only rated around 600*, I'm going to call next week and talk to the manufacture about this product. I am also thinking about the black metallic stove paint they sell, painting the whole cooker with that, then just clear coating the CC. Just need to find out more about the clear coats properties.
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I paid roughly 10.00 per can for spray paint and primer. Hoping 3 cans will cover my firebox.
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The last cooker I did, I used Por 15 black velvet high temp paint on the main body but left it off of the fire box. It looks every bit as good as the day I put it on, and seems to be durable. I just rubbed my firebox down with oil and after a few uses the patina on it has it looking as black as the rest of the pit. I know the por15 is expensive up front but I figure if it keeps looking good and lasts that its worth it to me. I should mention that it is stored in a shed though out of the elements so I am sure most paints would hold up better like that.

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If I can get my paint reps to get a hold of Thurmalux, I'll probably give it a go on this build. Only because of the clear coat they offer.

If not, it will be old trustful rustoleum again.
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