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Baby Backs for the 4th with Q-View

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Did a modified 2-2-1. About 2.5 hours before foiling, followed by 1 3/4 hours foiled, then another 50 minutes to finish.


Oh my:)  I went very light on the rub to let the apple smoke penetrate. I mopped a light coat of Cattlemans Honey BBQ sauce about 20 minutes before the finish. There was no smoke ring...what I mean is the smoke color went all the way through the meat. It was delicious!!


 I don't have a beauty shot of all of the sliced ribs because they were scarfed up VERY quickly. By the time I got my camera back out, all I could photograph was my 15 year old daughters plate!!



baby backs 7-4-2010.jpg


Slim pickings 7-4-2010.jpg


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Looks great, but your daughter missed a few morsels!!!  ;-)  Love it when the smoke goes through everything!

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Those bb ribs do look delicious!  Hope they saved enough for you! haha Thanks for the Qview!  

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Those ribs do look Delicious!  Always glad to hear a "tweaked" experiment worked!!  If you don't mind me asking, what kind of smoker are you using?

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Apple sounds like a perfect choice on some bb's. Those racks turned out beautifully!

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I am using a Smoke Hollow 38" vertical smoker.

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Doing bb's today...this post made me very hungry.

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