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Congratulations! It's a brisket! Qview included...No charge

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13lb brisket. I'm thinking 14-16 hours to get this thing cooked, so i get up at 3:30am and get it on the smoker by 4:30am. Well, I fall back to sleep until about 6am and run outside to check the cooker. 350 degrees!!! Not a good thing. I throw open the door and let things cool down a little. Finally settled around 250. Now I'm worried that this $25 hunk of cow is shoe leather. Foiled at 150 and took it off the smoker at 200, 10 hours after starting. Dinner's not until 5:30 and it's just 2:30, so I warmed up the oven to 175 and turn it off. Put the brisket in there to keep it warm. My coolers too small. It came out great! I use Best Choice lump (made by RO) and Red Oak from a down tree in our woods. We ate about half of it tonight. The other half is sandwiches and dinner tomorrow. Here are the pics. Sorry for the picture quality.


Rubbed and trimed brisket


A thing of beauty


Smoke ring


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Congrats!  Great looking smoke ring.  Those temps won't hurt you , as you discovered.  Glad it worked out so well.

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Nice smoke ring, got lucky with the high temp, does not look like it shut down your absorption protien.

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Good save and looks good!  An ET-73 thermo with the remote alarms is worth every penny. Thanks for sharing!  

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that looks great and I am glad all came out good

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Incredible smoke ring! Thanks for the qview!

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Doesn't look like that temp hurt anything.

If that smoke ring came in any farther, it would no longer be a ring.



Nice Job,


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