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whos cookin today?

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just curious how many of us are actually bbqing on this wonderfull holiday???  i expect to see lots of q/view today

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I did all of my smoking on Saturday. But to day I will be doing some grilling. Have a happy 4th.

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    I picked up some pork country style ribs for my smoker today...I think we will wait and have them for supper tonight.


Keep Cookin...



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I've got 2 butts on since 10 last night.  Fixin to foil the smaller of the 2.  Got a beer butt chicken to do later and some ABTs that will go on about 11:00.

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Have to finish out my weekend of smokin with 4 racks of spares, corn on the cob and ABTs.

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2 - 7.5 lb butts went on the new smoker at 5am...good way to break 'er in!

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doing 2 slabs of baby backs  and some  chix quarters will posrt a little Qview

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2 pork butts and a couple abt's

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got 2 briskets, abts, and some sausage to do today

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going to do 3 racks of spare ribs, a 7 lb butt roast and a fattie, Got up a little late . So will get the butt on soon. plan to use it for lunches this week so it's ok if it doesn't get done until later, I will put the ribs on around 11-12 this morning 

Every one have a great 4th


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Did an 8 1/2 lb Butt yesterday.

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I've got a couple of 9# pork shoulders on the smoker for a party tonight at the folks house. Thinking about throwing some turds on later as an appetizer.

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I got 6 racks cooking right now, 8 pounds of sausage, 20 ABT (first attempt), 50 chicken bites wrapped in bacon with brown sugar and chilli powder.  Pictures will follow.

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I smoked a han and abt's yesterday and doing beef ribs and fattie tomorrow, today I am going to have hard shelled crabs yummy

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7lb butt, gonna try something a bit different this time around and use a finishing sauce. Might even make some homemade bbq sauce to bring out the WOW even more.

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Bought and assembled my first smoker last night.  Got an 8lb pork shoulder on it right now, though lord knows when it's going to be done...  I'm guessing somewhere between 10pm and midnight.



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Brining a couple chickens for a smoke this afternoon

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Got a 12lb shoulder, some brauts and ABT's going in the smoker tonight. Going to "pig out" tomorrow.

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I put on 13.5 lb packer brisket last night about 10:30 p.m. I figured about 18 hr smoke. Got done early

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Doing a pre-smoke for an upcoming gathering (family reunion): Ancho Chili/Jalepeno Corned Beef Pastrami (not at all close to the traditional recipe).


No plans for a smoke for dinner tonight, but that could change, as the day is still very young...


I had planned on another grilling session with my new 18.5" Weber Gold kettle along with one (or both) of my 22.5" cheapo kettles: hmm, I ran out of Yoshida's, 3.7lbs of Mr's Dash (salt-free) Spicy Teriyaki marinated boneless skinless yard-bird thighs will have to do, 6lbs (3 pack) of large chuck steaks and 5lbs of beef burgers...I'm thinking of a seasoning to mix with this meat as I type.


May as well get pics of this along the way, too.


See ya soon!



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