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Stuffed Chicken Breast

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Well, I haven't posted much for qview lately, so I'm showing the chicken I did today. It's not much, but was quite tasty. Only me today, the gathering is tomorrow.


I partially split a chicken breast to form a pocket. Rubbed EVOO inside and out. For spice, I used Weber's Kickin' Chicken. A little sprinkle inside, then some fresh grated parmesan, a few spears of asparagus. Toothpicked it closed and added some more spice to the outside. To top it off was an orange slice and a lemon slice. On the ECB for a little over two hours with maple. In the end, I took off the fruit slices and sprinkled some more parmesan on it.










Thanx for looking!

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that looks good

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This Weber Kickin' Chicken?  Is it spicy, real spicy or ?  I see a few are using it and I for one, need to know the spice level.  When you reach the older than dirt status, you have to be wary or be prepared to pay the next day, if you know what I mean.

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I would say the Kickin' Chicken would be hot by a lot of people's standards. I love hot food and use lots of peppers. If you use more than a little, you'll notice it, for sure.

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Delicious, and looks like something that the heart doctor would approve of. Thanks for sharing!

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Looks great and i also like the kickin chicken, good stuff

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Thanx everyone. I've used the Kickin' Chicken on other stuff, as well. I wasn't sure I'd like it when I bought it, but it's one of my favorite blends now.

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That looks great!  Was the asparagus very tender? or was it still crispy?  This looks like something the MRS. might enjoy!


Thanks for posting!

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I like asparagus to be just a tad crunchy. My first thought was that this would be very soft. It came out really close to perfect, slight crunch and no mush. I was really surprised, also, how much flavor the lemon slice added. The orange, not so much. Definitely on my do again list.

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