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What do you do during an "all night-er"?

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Just wondering what folks do when they've got to babysit the smoker overnight, especially if you're by yourself?  I'd like to sleep, but I've got a gas burner and don't like the idea of leaving it alone yet.



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Well since i have the wsm now, I sleep

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Hang out here on SMF of course! haha  Now that I got my Maverick ET-73 yesterday, just in time for last nights butt, I was able to get a little more sleep.  Tested it out in boiling water, was not as difficult to figure out the setup as I was expecting and the temp alarms worked like a champ!  So anyhow, that allowed for more sleep because I wasn't overly concerned about temp changes and I stretched my spritzing out to every 2 hours after the first two.  Before I would work on getting other fixings together such as slaw, sauces etc, grab an hour power nap here and there. 


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Originally Posted by JaxGatorz View Post

Well since i have the wsm now, I sleep

LOL! Good one Gatorz


+1 same here.... once I get the WSM settled in I know I can get a good 5 or 6 hrs. of ZZZZZZZZ in. I usually am killing time while waiting to light my WSM though - usually between midnight and 3 AM. For that time I surf the forum and play World of Warcraft.

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I have a gas setup. Worst that has happened is I run out of gas, so I got a second tank. I prepare everything, get it rolling and hit the hay. Around 4 hours later I get up, add some more wood, back to sleep. Have not had any issues yet to speak of.

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BEER! You need BEER!!!

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I have a gas smoker and if you have a remote thermometer that you can set temperature alarms (meat internal temp and cooking chamber temp), you can sleep tight.

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I sleep 4 hours at a time with the UDS. With the SNP I get about an hours worth of sleep between checks. For the plywood smoker I go about 4 hours as well.

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Sleep, my UDS fleet avg about 6-8 hours without any adjustments, barrel kicks or anything. Depending how the first hour goes and how much the temps bounce around generally tells me about how many hours of sleep unattended i'm going to get.


Bear in mind I run my UDS in my garage out of the elements with the exhaust pipped out a window, so once my temps lock in, rain or shine, i'm good to go.

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I make up a nice snack tray get the beer real cold and turn on the Satilite and watch Hunting shows and the Western channel.

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i surf the site and usualy theirs someone in smf chat that is doing an all nighter too.

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