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22.5" WSM Madien Voyage

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ok.  i'm doing a staged smoke as the first run on my 22.5" WSM.  first stage: Turkey Legs, Turkey Thighs, and Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts.  these should be done before i add the second stage (6 lbs brisket flat and 3 racks of spare ribs).  i'll keep you guys posted!



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looking good so far

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Looking great !!

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well, i decided mother nature is out to get me.  my bbq powers are a threat to her apparently.  had a light drizzle start and i was gonna ride it out.  then, it started to come down harder.  in a bit, i'm gonna remove the poultry and add the brisket and ribs.  i didn't want to do that in the rain.  moved the WSM (not an easy task when it's running) and now the rain stopped.  just my luck.  i'll have poultry finish pics in a bit.  i will, also, have brisket and rib start pics.

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Grats! Don't you just love all that room in the 22.5"!  It uses a lot more fuel than the 18", but I love having the room when I need/want it. Que looks good so far, can't wait to see the rest!

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oh, YEA!  here is the top grate mod i did.  it is so i can remove the top grate and not have the meat touch anything while i tend the bottom grate



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Nice mod. I haden't seen that one, might have to do it myself.

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here is the poultry finished.




and the ribs and brisket 1 hour in




pics look like poo, because the wife hide the digital camera from me.  phone's camera is rubbish.

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Looking good there SoaFung!! Sounds like your WSM's maiden voyage is turning out to be a memorable one.  Nothing you can't handle though.  


  How long before the ribs and brisket are done?  Looking forward to the views of those puppies too. 

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i'm 4.5 hours on the ribs.  i'm guessing the brisket will be about the same.  when i wrap the ribs (3-2-1) i'm gonna put  them on the lower rack were the poultry was and leave the brisket up top.  i will then kick the temp up a very small amount for the brisket to finish a bit quicker.

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well alittle update.  with the WSM consistent temps, the ribs and brisket are gonna finish at the same time.  i'm gonna rest the ribs and the brisket in a cooler, because as soon as the wife gets home we gotta take the "stuff" to a party.  i'll get pics and post them later (alot later) or tomorrow.  this thing is AWESOME!  after i get the UDS build, i'm sure i'm gonna sell the offset.

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Thread Starter final pics.  i lost my phone in the lake and that's what i used to take the final pics.  the brisket and ribs turned out really good, but the smoke ring wasn't there, like i'm use to.  i think it had to do with the staged cook i did.  i probably should have used more wood chunks.  anyway, maiden voyage...SUCCESSFUL!

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