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Holiday Smoke - Briskets w/QView

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My buddy Dave and I are doing an all-nighter holiday smoke for our party today.


We started with these 2 fine specimens from Sam's Club:




If you're from Southern Indiana you'll appreciate this.  If not, you probably won't.


I made a new rub with chipotle powder and Dave says, "This tastes really familiar.  Yeah dude it tastes like Grippos."


Grippos makes a lot of snacks, but they are famous for their BBQ chips.  Maybe I stumbled on their recipe.  More than likely it was just late and we were hungry and tired!


Either way the rub had a great flavor, but it was late, I was tired and I don't have the exact measurements.


The meat went on at 1AM and it's a little after 4 now.  Smoker is at 221° and holding steady.


We also have 3 pork butts and 6 racks of ribs and 1 chicken to do.


The butts are on and I'll post their progress over in Pork.

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I love grippos

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I wanna try grippos, ill be driving up that way on my way from Texas to Ohio and may have to swing through.  is there any more info i can get on it?


good looking pics by the way, can not wait to see the final product

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one of my buddies actually told me u can get the grippos seasoning by itself

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You can get their seasoning by itself in a shaker at the grocery store and if you're on your way to OH, you don't have to stop in S. IN for some Grippos, they're an OH company--based in Cincinnati.  And if you like BBQ flavored chips, you definitely need to try Grippos.

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