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Two words, "Bear Claws"  If you choose to use the latex gloves with powder on them, just put them on and wash with antibacterial soap and water, as if you where washing your hands....

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I did find some gloves. My local watering hole was kind enough to give me a box of nitrile gloves.


Since then, I found the black ones at harbor freight. Powder free, and you can't look any cooler pullin pork


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Dose the nitrile help with the heat? Do you just toss yours away after each use then Thunder Dome? Sorry for all the questions. I made my first pulled prk this weekend and almost burned my little fingers off. LOL 

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No type of glove will help with the heat, unless you find some silicone gloves that have some dexterity to them, they are not disposable. I use the purple gloves intended for hospital use cuz I know they are non allergenic, and throw them away every time I take them off. I wear them when pulling pork, but I use bear claws to pull, sometimes I use a couple of serving forks to separate the meat, if you take your butts to 200* internal, they should almost fall apart and require very little effort to pull apart. As with anything practice and experience makes perfect. Go forth and smoke my friend!

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I use the nitrile gloves from Harbor Freight as well. Those are for the prep work handling the raw meat.  For pulling, I use the silicone coated lined gloves.  My original pair came with my Popiel rotisserie as well.  I did find replacements for them on Amazon for about $15.00.  Probably no use to you for this weekend, but you can order them for the future.  I use them for all hot foods coming off the grill or smoker.  Great for handling whole chickens or turkeys as well as ribs and other hot foods.

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The guys who do the big cookouts at the ropings around here use cotton gloves that they soak in water before pulling.


It works for awhile, but if butts haven't set long, they'll still burn your fingers

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I tried the cheap things in a box of 100. They tear & get sucked off of your hands when you mix ground meat!

I couldn't find Drs. type big enough to fit my meathooks.

I guess all Drs have small hands??


Then I bought a pair like these from a local kitchen supply place---PVC:



With these;

My hands don't get cold at all when mixing ground meat.

They keep my hands from warming the meat.

And I wash them with soap & hot water while they are still on my hands, just like I wash my hands without gloves on.

I think they're great!


My two centavos,


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Bear, that is what I am looking for to a T! Now to try and find some. Thanks for all the advice everyone! 

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Thunderdome,go to a local Grocer and get some food handlers gloves or try your local Wally world

These together with a couple of meat forks(the kind you use with a turkey) will do the trick.

Now if you are the kind of guy(and who isn't) that likes toys,then get them Bear Claws and some of those heavy vinal Chemical gloves

Hope that helps and,

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Originally Posted by DUFFMAN View Post

Bear, that is what I am looking for to a T! Now to try and find some. Thanks for all the advice everyone! 

 I got mine from http://www.texasbbqrub.com/tools.htm. Won't help with this weekend but as Bear said, they work and I just wear them and wash my hands.

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You can also find gloves at this link.  These are the same gloves that professional meat processors are going to use and are completely food safe.  To keep your hands from being burned with hot food or keep them from getting cold when cutting cold meat, simply use a cotton string knit glove with either a vinyl or nitrile disposable glove over the top on the outside.

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I use Latex or Nitrile as long as they're powder free.  I am however trying to find a permanent source where I can buy them in XL without begging my friend who's a Nurse to help me get some.  Only places I've found them online require buying a case, and I want to just buy them 1 box at a time.

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

TD - those will work!


mark, i use the same method and no one calls me smart either!

 Ok , count me as the third not so smart one in this column. Been doin this for years and no one has been sick yet

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Walgreen drug has many types of gloves for reasonable prices

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I was in Wally World this weekend looking for some gloves that would be heat resistant enough for me to be able to pull my charcoal pan and shake the ashes out. I can across some leather working gloves like these http://www.amazon.com/6203L-3-Premium-Genuine-Cowhide-Reinforced/dp/B003DZ02WU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1288621095&sr=8-2 . Do you think these would work? Any suggestions for a high temp glove? 



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I am with ChefRob on this. I have never used a glove - yet. Just some tongs and clean hands.  I did see a post somewhere for some heat resistant food grade gloves and decided to give them a try just to use while moving things around in the smoker.

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For high temp gloves I use the Grilling Gloves from http://www.realmangear.com

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Has anyone tried the Grill glove?  www.grillglove.com   The look interesting but they dont seem very long so forearms might be exposed a bit.


http://www.texasbbqrub.com/tools.htm looks interesting as well!





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I use the Stanley gloves from Walmart also. They won't rip like latex. There also great for cutting & seeding jalapeno's or other hot peppers.

Originally Posted by eman View Post

I know it 's late for the op but walmart has vinyl gloves in the paint / hardware dept.

 stanley gloves, 100 gloves to the box.

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