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I've been checking this thread for a while as I am hoping to start my first build with the same exact tank. I'm just wondering if we can get an update? I know the holidays are just ending, and you may not have had anytime to continue, but I am definitely looking forward to more pics and info. Thanks for all the great info I have already received from this thread.

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Hoping to start work on it again thursday. Got a lunch date with my daughter today and then have to process a doe from a buddy and get it ready for jerky tomorrow. Hopefully it's not too cold to work on it this week. Calling for another 6" of snow but as long as the wind isn't blowing I should be able to make some progress. I'll get pics up as I get stuff done.

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Finally got the weather, family, and work schedule to get me a couple of hours progress. I got the handles and the door clamps on. Should be able to button up the project in the next few weeks.





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Been following this from the beginning,excellent work so far!

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SWEET MAN,looks very cool.Is baby girl still helping?I have 3 girls and my youngest is almost 6,she likes to hangout with dad in the garage.got to love it.

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Little one's in school right now but is looking forward to helping build the trailer for it this summer. It's definitly a great way to spend time together.

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Got the vent louvers made and installed today. Starting to look like I can see the finish line.


Found a use for two more old tire irons.icon_lol.gif






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I have not been "sucked into" a thread in a while, but gotta say I'm hooked on this one. Can't hardly wait until you get her finished and we can see some qview of it smoking.  Wish I had the talent and money to try something like this but just not in the cards for me right now.  Thanks for sharing all this with us!

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So far I'm right at $450 invested in this thing. I'm having a blast building it and trying to do it as cheap as possible. I'm really looking forward to getting some meat in it and there will be Q-view for sure. Couldn't have gotten this far without all the info and help from the folks on SMF. As far as talent goes, I have more imagination than talent and am quick to let people know I can weld.... I'm not a welder. Thank goodness for flux core welders. The less adjustments I have to figure out, the better off I am. Thanks for watching my beast come to life little by little.

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Got the outlet brackets welded in for the exhaust today. I'm getting antsy realizing how close I'm getting to cooking time.




It passed my daughters inspection so I guess we shall continue.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Looking great. Can you explain the pic with the outlets for exhaust?


Is that for the cooking chamber or the firebox?


I know when I built mine, I couldn't wait to get some meat in it, so I know how antsy you must be. 

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It's for the cook chamber. Once again I'm on a tight budget sousing what I have instead of buying tools right now.

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KC maybe this will help. I got the 90's for the exhaust mocked up. A few holes and bolts and I'll be ready to mount the stacks.



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man that is going to be one great smoker.. Real nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Can't wait to see the finish on this project.

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Got the stacks on today. Just gotta get the grating on the racks and a few minor details and we are ready to SMOKE!





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Thats looking Fantastic!!!!!!!


Nice work.

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That is one fine looking rig. Been following this thread for a while and can't wait to see some Qveiw.

Why did you build the stacks above the firebox? I'm about to start a very similar build, and am gathering as many notes as possible.

Congrats on the build. She's a beauty.
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Man this just gets better everyday. Awesome job Dude!

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It's a reverse flow. The exhaust needs to be on the firebox end so the smoke can make the trip under the plate and then come across your meat on the way out.

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