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Finally got a break on the woodworking for momma. The door trim is now all welded on.




I feel like I'm sculpting this in my own image...... It'll work great but will never win a beauty contest!!. I'm good with that. At least my welds a starting to look like welds and not like they were dropped by birds in flight.

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Looking good!  I've liked watching this one develop.  Keep the pics coming!

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I'm waiting on a steel delivery so I can keep moving along. I did make some mods to my brinkman this weekend so hopefully I can even out the temps a little better.

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Got my steel today. Should make some progress by the weekend.

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Got a chance to work on it the last two days.






Got my burnout done






got the firebox welded together








and got my first look at what a beast this is gonna be.

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SCORE!!!  Picked up two 5" chrome stacks 60" long this morning. $50----sweet.




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Got to spend a few hours on it this week. Got the firebox door on and the fire grate in. Finally found a use for that old tire iron tha has been following me around for years.0915101122a_366390.jpg




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I really like the look of your grate. Did you have to go buy it, or was it laying around? Oh boy, if that was my firebox, LOL it would have me taking a tumble every time I walked by. Maybe its the angle of the pic but it sure looks like it really sticks out there.


I do believe that the stacks are the icing on the cake.

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Tom, it does stick out a ways. I have to watch myself around it but it will be fine when it on the trailer. The grate was a "freebie" from my neighbor. It is part of a grate cover for a floor furnace from an old house. Still got enough left for my next small build. I love the chrome myself.

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i would like to see the trailer that your going to use, i have a similar build and i am worried about the height factor when i mount it

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I've looked at several utility trailers but my problem is width. I will probably be building a narrow trailer from scratch. A standard 4 x 8 utility trailer would be my first choice and you can always adjust the height of your cookbox with your leg lenghth and then decide how low to hang your firebox. I' m 6' tall and with approx. 17" trailer ride height should put my top shelf right about chin level on me. 

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As for a trailer i have been looking at jet ski trailers i'm thinking they would work great for a build like this? at least thats what i'm gonna try on my next build. Just my .2 cents worth. Looks great so far!!

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Finally got a chance to get a little work done. Got the FB welded solid to the cook chamber. Got the drain tube in and the RF plate in. Of course I only have about 14" of welding left on the RF plate and run out of wire. Life happens again, Hopefully I can get back to it on Thurs. (payday) get some more wire and rock'n'roll. Tom, the fb handle has been redesigned to prevent injury. It was out too far but I figured another way to keep the tire iron handle.




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Its always good to see progress, sorry to hear you ran out of wire. Most of the time I do ok on the wire, its the bottle that kills me. I'm running on (E) as we speak. Will have to make a trip to the welding store before fri since thats my day to make the switch over to the new trailer.


When ya get a chance I would love to see the fire box mod.

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Hope to have some new pics up by Friday or Saturday. I'll get one of the new FB handle for ya Tom.

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Got my wire today and got the RF plate finished. Tom, Gas isn't an issue. All I have to work with is a flux core. Don't have the space or power available for much else. Any heavy welding (trailer and firebox) are done at a buddy's farm where we don't have those problems. It's small but it works good for most of what I need.







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Here's the FB handle mod. It should be much less likely to cause a hospital visit. Seeins how it was sticking out at what would be just below waist level after it got on the trailer.(no more youngun's)








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This is an awesome project you've got going. Looks like you're getting close, good luck!

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Keeps looking better & better!


But now what if you get a flat tire???



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