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Started to get the grating on the racks this morning. Had to quit early to got gun shopping though. I'll be back at it Monday.   PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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Once again, this build looks great! In my last reply I meant to ask why the smoke stacks are so close to the fire box instead of higher up on the tank?

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I figure I'd get as much heat out of the smoke as I can before it exits. lowering the exhaust on my brinkman really helped. I've heard it doesn't really matter on a reverse flow but figure I try it anyway. I helps keep my overall height down and to be honest I think it just looks cool icon_cool.gif. Hope to have some more pics up tomorrow. thanks for watching

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Welding is done! time for polish and paint. started cleanup today. I can see the finish line.





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Really looking good now !!!!  looks_great.png




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Thanks for the help and the compliments. Now to see if it works. jaw-dropping.gif

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Quite a project, can't wait to see the first smoke!

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Man that is one great looking smoker.. Nice work..bravo.png

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wow..quite the're in for some serious smoking

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You can bet when it's done there will be Q-view.usa.gif

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OK.  6 days since your last post.  Is this anyway to treat your friends that have watched the build so patiently?

Get with it man!  lets see some Q!

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Sorry ya'll. The OT has been kicking in, so I take when I can get it. Got the outside wire wheeled and plan to get the inside done Friday. Hopefully start laying paint for the graphics Friday also. Trust me, no one wants to see Q from this thing more than me. I'll have more pics hopefully Friday.hit.gif

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Its been awhile coming but its worth the wait. 


I heard somewhere that when a build passes 5 pages the builder has to ship samples from the maiden voyage to all members that viewed his or her thread. Shall I start a thread for us all to post our addresses in? 


Pig candy would be easy to ship.  LOL 

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Tom, Don't think I can slide the shipping past momma. Bet I could make dinner available for those who want to make the trip.bluesbros.gif

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AWWWW she won't mind LOL. 


The company I work for is here in KC but our parent company is in Grand Island. Gee, wonder if my boss will send me up there for the weekend. 

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Let me know if it works out. Got some painting done today so I'm shooting for completion on tuesday.

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Well its wishfull thinking, but I am thinking that they aren't gonna let me out of my regular work to go play. Things are picking up just a little but I can always hope for the best.

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Invites there. Know all about needin' the the work thing. That's the main reason this build has taken so long. Gotta take the money while it's there. still looking for seasoning it thrurs.grilling_smilie.gif

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Wow, this is so impressive !


This is my first post :-)


So far I've been experimenting with rubs, wood chips and tinkering/learning about maintaing low even temp.


My goal is to build my own smoker this summer. I too am not a welder but I'm always thiking of ideas. I've now learned that no tank is too big! LOL


Keep up the great work - you are inspiring


Dave in Ottawa

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