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first smoking

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ok this weekend im going to smoke a brisket and  couple of going to be doing this with charcoal.

i have a big new bransful pit with side box.

im wanting to start my smoking about 6 or 7 pm sat.night.

what temp should i keep my smoker at?

do i need a water pan in the side box or were the meat is smoking?

and what temp do i pull my meat off?

any tips would be great!

thanks guys!!

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Now I have a few questions for you now?? How big and what parts of a brisket do you have??? A whole packer or do you have just a flat??? How big is it??? Now the fatties are easy to smoke. Now you don't have to add a water pan in your fire box or inside the cooking compartment. Now I would also try to keep the smoker at maybe 230°-250° but then the brisket will take a pretty good amount of time. So you really can live with some spikes and falls in the temp department. For your temps I would take the brisket to maybe 165° and foil it then take it about 195° for slicing and maybe 200°-205° for pulling. As far as the fattie I would take them to 165° internal temp and then take then out. I would also take both of then and place them into a dry cooler with some old towels and leave the brisket in there at least an hour if not longer. You could go maybe as long as 3-4 hours with not much problem just make sure that you have a lot of towels in the cooler. Now don't forget the Qview we fat kids out here love seeing some good Q from your smoker.

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im going to get my brisket tomorrow at walmart so im not real sure on how many pounds?

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does i hurt to put some smal chunks of oak on ur charcoacoals while smoking?

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