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Chicken Lollipops

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Had some chicken wings in the fridge.  I did a de-boned chicken awhile ago and learnt to make these lollipops here's the link to that thread  The de-boning video is a wiki under c. These things are great little party flavors they have a little handle which helps keep your fingers a bit cleaner.


I made a total of 18.  Nine smothered in Franks  redhot sauce.  The other nine in a quick cure (I got recipe from Morton's website).  I allowed both to brine for about 6 hrs.

1 Tbsp tenderquick

1 Tbsp garlic powder

1 Tbsp onion powder

1 Tbsp fresh ground black pepper.


Pretty simple to make these



Skipping ahead here they are out of respective brines



And finally off the grill and on the plate.




Total prep time was around 20 minutes.  I just love these they accept so much flavor and cook in a hurry.  Total grill time was 15 min and as you can see that was almost to much.


Thanks for looking.

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That's freakin awesome! I gotta try that one. Looking good there D.

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Man those look great - gonna try them with my Jamaican Jerk rub for sure

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Those look so awesome! I saw that on the Jacques Pepin de-boning video that was posted somewhere around here. He makes it look so easy! I've got some wings I'm gonna cook this weekend, I think I'll give these a try. Thanks for sharing!

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I also saw that video and your post on the de-boned chicken and both were very cool and I have to try that de-bonin one to. Now for your chicken lollipops they look awesome and really nice appetizer for sure. They do looks really yumO and they excepted the flavoring too.

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Looks great I wanted to give this a try after I saw that deboning video as well.

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