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to brine or not to brine

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For best smoked rids, brine or not?

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Well... I have never smoked a "Rid", I assume they come from the legendary Snipe that is sooo hard to find.


As for ribs... no brine needed for ribs. Brine is primarily for poultry or really big chunks of meat like pork shoulders. Ribs you can either put the rub on the night before or just put it on right before you cook them, up to your taste preferance.

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Brine... hmmm never done that with beef ribs. I would say no for ribs (beef or pork)


Brines for pork ribs, the reports were that the ribs had too much of a "hammy" taste, and brines for beef (I dont think anyone has tried it yet, if you want too), well brines I dont think doo much for beef, excluding curing = for corned beef / pastrami.


Marinades on the other hand work nice with beef. I use a Dr pepper marinade on my beef ribs, and rub with SnP or Montreal steak spice. 

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I had tried brining ribs early in the game, but they took on a ham like texture which I didn't care for. If you still wonder about it, brine one rack, you'll know at that point if you want to continue this practice. it's all good my friend.

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