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My 1st St. Louis cut spares

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Going to enter in a rib and chicken cook off in late July at my boat club.  Been looking for an opportunity to try cutting the ribs St. Louis style and having the time to smoke them.  Time came on Monday.  The butcher shop I went too has a good reputation in the area, but I realized that all I got was a counter man when he asked me three times what I wanted when I said "spare ribs".  Asked me if I wanted BB, country or regular ribs when I said "spare ribs".  Finally pulled up a nice rack and I noticed right away that the flap of meat on the back was missing.  He informed me that they trim their ribs up real nice.  Brisket was still attached though.  He looked confused when I told him I was going to cut them St. Louis style, said he had never heard of that before. Like I said, a counter man, not a butcher.  Any way the ribs looked good so I took them.  Got em home and got to work.




Above are the trimmed spares.  Below are the trimmings.




Rubbed with two different rubs, one with Magic Dust as found here on the forum. The other was rubbed with a Williams Sonoma Sweet and Spicy rub my wife gave me for my birthday.  Brown sugar, kosher salt, smoked paprika, allspice, garlic, cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper.


Here they are as they went on the CG.





And as they are about to come off.  I did not use the 3-2-1 method.  These I just let smoke for about 4 1/2 hours with the temp at 220.  I used a mixture of apple and cherry wood for smoke.  Temp on the brisket ends was 175.





The Sweet and Spicy rubbed ribs




Nice color!  And the cut pieces....






I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.  I sure did enjoy making and eating them. I think I will go with the sweet and spicy rub for my comp.   Maybe cook up a couple rack in the meantime. 


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they look great, well done and good luck on your competition

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Well done!!! I think I like the trimmings as much as I do the ribs.  I also am fond of sweet rubs on my ribs. Oh Heck, I'm just fond of everything cooked in the smoker!!

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Great job they look good!! nice pink color...

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Thanks all.  How do you get your pics to go full screen?

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