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was BEER involved

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My vote goes to the watermelon........

If you don't believe that I would go with squirrel and use the beano rub.

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not trying to be a dick but i would try to grab some ribs somewhere else besides walmart.  whenever i happen to be near the meat cooler section at walmart i always pop my head in to see what they are selling.  9 times out of 10 all the "fresh" meat there looks like it should have been sold the week before it was. 


spare ribs are about 2-3 dollars cheaper there than the supermarket i buy them at and they are the same brand (smithfield).  the plastic on the cryo packs at walmart is always yellowed and cloudy compared to the clear plastic on the ribs i buy at the regular store.  i srsly wouldnt buy any meats from walmart but man, you cant beat their price on non-perishable goods. 


spend a few bucks more and get the ribs somewhere else and let us know if it happens again.

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I missed the watermelon part....  I would put my money on that.  When my other half eats it, I find something to do outside!

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Originally Posted by Pit 4 Brains View Post


 Awwwe Sharts!

Clean up on isle 4!

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the only time I've had issues with this is while using a good amount of Mesquite wood.  MAN! talk about clearing a room

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Now this is turning ironic...

I showed this thread to my wife for a quick laugh last night.  Well we both had pulled pork for lunch and dinner yesterday.

This morning I was really giving it to my coworkers and I have to admit it was a bit fouler than usual. Just a few minutes ago, my wife was  telling me about her bad gas today.

I don't buy meat from Wally mart and we had no watermelon either. I smoked a shoulder blade over hickory kingsford...

I don't recall this happening before  or i would have posted up my experience with it earlier.


Ughhhhh.. she just crop-dusted me!...

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I usually blame the dog.

Did use use any rub? Onion or garlic powder? Those can cause gas. Also, chisoxjim mentioned enhanced meat...maybe that's it. My Walmart sells only enhanced pork .

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wow this has me laughing so hard.  leave it to squirrel with her beano rub.  I voter for the watermelon.

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post


Clean up on isle 4!

Why did I read this thread I'm laughing so hard!  Squirrel you're tooooo funny!  LOL

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Pit 4 Brains got crop dusted! LOL!


I crop dust my cat all the time. She gives me this look like "dammit woman, what crawled up there and died!" LOL! This is one of my all time favorite movie scenes, just picture all of us SMF'ers sitting around that campfire!

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LMAO.....I dutch oven the dog all the time, she gets me back here and there.

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All I have to do is think about eating pork and I start the Fart Brigade!! I even have dreams after eating a good amount of pork, that I am sufficating from a green gas cloud, just to wake and realize it was me releasing a toxic waste force field so bad my eyes are burning and I have to get up and wash them out to prevent permanent damage.

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it is July and not April right

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I thought that you were crazy with this post. Yet today, after judging a KCBS contest today, I believe you and your wife. After eating 24 samples of BBQ, I spent an hour bouncing up and down of off of my seat for the hour drive home.

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This is too funny, OMG LMAO to no end after reading about Crop Dusting the Cat and Dutch Oven the Dog. OMG my belly is starting to hurt.


Now I am starting to wonder if attending a SMF gathering is such a good idea. LOL

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I didn't see where the OP posted what all was served with the ribs other than Watermelon but if BBQ Beans or Cole Slaw was involved those are probably the culprit.


If not, use Squirrel's BeanO Rub...

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I first thought this post was funny. Yesterday I judged a KCBS event and I believe you. I didn't have any watermelon so I can throw that out. We had 23 samples of meat to judge. At about 1 ounce of meat per sample for chicken, ribs, pork and brisket, I was stuffed. The last time I judged everything was fine. This time I have more gas for two days than Pacific Gas and Electric. So brother, I share your wife's pain.

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i don't need "Que for the blasting i swear i have a layer of Marcellus Shale running thru me

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Sorry to get off topic here for a second.


Nice to see ya here linescum, not to many women take to smoking, even less take to climbing poles and flirting with high voltage. Stay safe and enjoy the smoke.

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