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Had to smoke some turkey

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We found a sale on some turkey breast a couple of days ago. (.99 cents a pound) So we picked up six of them. Now, turkey is just about my favorite food, but I have never smoked any before, so I had to try it.


I decided to try a store bought rub because I didn't feel like making one myself. I ended up getting two different ones to try.



This one is a little heavy on the sage when you smell it in the bottle, but came out tasting really good once it was done:




This is what it looks like on the turkey:




And this one (although I don't care for their BBQ) came out tasting really very good. It's more a a Paprica based rub with a lot of different spices in it.




This is what it looks like on the turkey:




Ok, here we are at about 3 1/2 hours smoking. Can't tell them apart even though the rubs are completely different looking.




This was the first one off the smoker at 170 degrees:




And here is what it looked like after a couple of slices. It was tender and juicey and very flavorful. I was totally satisfied with how they came out. I WILL be smoking some again.




Smoked at about 300 degrees for 6 1/2 hrs with a mix of hickory and apple.

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Man oh Man you did a great job on those turkey beast. You most like your turkey if you have 6 of those things. Now it sounds like you might start making your own rubs thou.

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Those look awesome   now I gotta pick up some turkey for the smoker

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now I am so hungry

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