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very small butt question

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Ok guys I know im sounding like a newbie, but my wife & i are experimenting on making some carnitas with a huge butt that we will be smoking next month while camping. I have found a couple 3 lb butts to smoke. Do these really need foiled? Im figuring still about 5 hours & it almost seems usless to inject? Just going to rub real well.

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You don't ever have to foil a butt I do them both ways. Give a try to not foiling and see what you think. As for injecting you can add another layer of flavor if you choose to no matter what the size of the butt. Again I do them injected and non just depends on my mood

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Thanks piney, just wondering if it would have speed it up any.

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Are you pulling


No foil, but you can smoke them in a shallow pan, fat side down, if you leave the fat on.

I would probably trim off all fat, rub real good, sprits a few times after the first 2 hours...I like a chewy bark.

remove at 200 degrees wrap in foil, towels place in cooler 1 hour or so, remove, tent foil for half hour....don't want to loose too much steam, then pull.

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These are my opinions others I'm sure feel different. Yes it will it will braise in the juices and shorten the times somewhat. Foiling keeps the bark from getting as hard and crispy which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on tastes. Foiling will usually make it more tender and some people would say to tender like mush again a matter of taste. Again so much of what we do are dependent on our tastes and opinions so I'd suggest trying different things to see which you like the best

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I also agree with Jerry (Pineywoods) and you can foil it or not foil it. I have done it both ways many times. Sometimes I like the bark that forms more distinctly on the un-foiled butt. Now like jerry siad you have to try it for yourself and you chose cause after all your eating it. We just like to see the pictures (Qview) here.

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I usually foil to preserve the color of the bark I am looking for. If the bark doesn't get too dark than I don't foil (though I usually need to since I bring my butts up to 200 before pulling off the grill).


I would inject as it adds some flavor, but that is more a personal preference item.

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This is a couple a shoulders I did and did not foil. Gives some dark bark...and smoky goodness...LOL



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A little darker than I usually like but they do look like they have much smokey goodness!

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Thanks guys! I think i"m going to get two small ones & try it both ways!! Only way to be sure right!! I'm going to  leave the bark content & green sauce to my wife while I keep an eye on the smoker & the cooler


Don't wann'em to get too hot or too cold right!!

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