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Now......that is a Smoke Vault!!!

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Well the maiden voyage went very well! The party was very satisfied. I cooked one fat side up and 1 fat side down to observe the differences on my own. There were 8 people at the party and 5 said fat side down was better and 3 said fat side up.






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Great job on the build!   That just does not look like a home built smoker.  Now let's see the Qview.

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Thank you!


I thought qview were the pics I was posting on this thread. Is Qview something else? I searched the forums and qviews are just pics of people's food they cooked and they were in random forums.

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Great looking smoker and awesome qview.

 Sorry i didn't see this post sooner.

 To cut down on weight all you would have had to do is once you had the steel box built was to insulate and cover w/ sheet metal.

 the insulation would keep the temps cool enought to not affect the sheet metal

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Thanks. I think most of my weight issue came from using random gauge metal that I could get for a good price from a local machine shop. Some of it was rather thick but they were "drops" that were cheap.

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