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Canadian bacon!!

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Here is my first shot a making Canadian bacon. Man this stuff tastes amazing i'll never buy ham from the deli again!!!

Now i just need a meat slicer!!!

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Those pics are quite the tease. How about some information as how you prepared it? It's all good my friend.

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I agree with Rich it looks good but we'd like to hear the process

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Well i cured it for 7 days with some brown sugar, salt, maple syrup , rosemary, fresh garlic, and thyme oh and whole black pepper corns. in about a gallon water with some cure#1. i really don't follow any type of recipe. well then i smoked at 150 for about three hours then up to 190 till it reached internal temp. of 155.


that's about it

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Sounds good can you taste any of the maple syrup in the final product?

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ya i was surprised but it stands out giving it a great flavor and i didn't use much of it about a 1/3 of a cup give or take.

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i was wondering if anyone can tell me whats a good boneless cut for making ham?

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You can get a nice boneless shoulder but WHY??? I would just get a shouder and filet it. You can save abunch of money that way. Or you can get a butt and it even easier to cut the bone out. Now I do really like the canadian bacon you have made there. I have never thought of putting it into the weave sox thou. Great Job

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great thanks for the info i think i will just de-bone a butt. save me a few bucks and i can smoke the bone and use it in a pot of beans .

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