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Just wondering at what temp you smoked the corned beef. 

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I'm surprised you took it out at 165. I foil mine at 165 as well, but then put it back in the smoker until 205. I guess steaming it for 3 hours does the same thing. Anyhow it sure looks delicious.

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Hot Pastrami just my style...Great job...

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thanks for the nice complements. I think steaming it gets similar results. I like what it does.


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Hot Pastrami yes it looks good  . as good 2nd ave deli in NY.


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Just made my very first pastrami today - cooked to 170, then foiled it and let it steam in it's own juices in the oven while cooling down - then in the fridge. I'll do a few slices tomorrow - and if it isnt' tender enough, would like to steam - so, what method do you use to steam? Over a pot of boiling water or...?



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Welcome aboard, Heidi.  Any way you can keep the meat above boiling water in a covered pot will work.  I use a special steaming basket that fits in the top portion of my pasta pot.  For a standard stock pot, I have stacked two of the little cheapo folding racks with the top screws removed.  I double stack them in order to get more water under the meat so I don't boil dry during the long steaming process.  With a fairly tight fitting lid, there won't be that much evaporation.


Good luck and good smoking!

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YUM! Those look Beautiful!!  I LOVE doing pastrami, have just used the store bought corned beef so far. It's so easy. Your rub looks super!  I also steam mine after coming off the smoke, usually the next day, then it goes back in to chill before slicing, packaging and freezing. The slices freeze just fine, my hubby is hooked on it for his lunches; I gave my brother packages of frozen, sliced pastrami for his birthday - he loves a serious deli pastrami sandwich, he was so happy!  My mom and sister in law were kind of "you gave him lunch meat for his birthday?? why is he so excited about that?"  I know they'll all be back for more...

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Heidi, I use a steamer pot, water in the bottom and the meat sitting above the steam in the basket.


Thanks you BarbeQueen for the kind words.


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It look verry good .I have a rack in my pressure cooker to steam burgers.

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Took your advice - steamed using my stockpot and a couple of inserts - then chilled the pastrami - and OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hubby was majorly amazed to come home from work to a pastrami dinner!)


I have been a pastrami lover for most of my life - but this was like ambrosia compared to anything I've ever had - even from deli's. What a massive difference the smoking makes and the final product is so flavorful it's unreal. Thanks for the tips, folks! Much obliged! The rub was just perfect!!! (I added a little extra pepper - since we all like pepper so much, but that was the only change I made)


I may have to begin making up "lunch meat" gifties myself!!! Next time - will take pictures... it was gone before I even thought about snapping some shots! My bad! (I know, I know - no pictures, it never happened - lol)

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Glad it turned out well, Heidi. Stick with us, I can tell that you and your hubby would be a great addition to our family here at SMF.


Good luck and good smoking.

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