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My two month Vacation is coming to an end and I start back to work on Thursday.

So I figured let's smoke. I had 5 corned beef in the Freezer and took three out yesterday. Started making the rub and was short so I ran to the store.
Rub ingredients measured ready to sent through the spice grinder.


Ground up all the spices, here is a shot of the finished rub.


Meat all rubbed down ready to hit the smoker.


In the smoker ready for the heat.



They have been in the smoker 4 hours and are at 150 right now. Almost done. More Pastrami q-views to come when I pull them.



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That's looking good!  Do you refreeze after smoking?

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Last time I only did one and we ate it all in less than 24 hrs lol. I think I will let it sit then refrigerate it over night then tomorrow slice it. Probably vacuum seal small portions and freeze and reheat for lunches later. 


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Pulled at 165 and foiled and let them sit for 30 minutes. Here is a peak. will refrigerate and thin slice tomorrow .

Thanks for looking

Robert IMG_0151.JPG


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Oh those look great. I should do up another batch to have for sandwiches this summer.

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OK Change of plans. Have the pastrami in the steamer. The plan now is to steam for three hours let cool then thin slice and vacuum seal in small portions.

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Why do you steam them? I haven't made pastrami yet, but hope to in the near future.

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I read it helps to make the meat even more tender. From what I am reading it is called New York Style. I just checked on it and man it looks good.

I will post up pictures after I let it cool and slice it.


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Here it its after three hours of steam all sliced up. I will package it up and vacuum seal it later. Probably eat some for dinner too. IMG_0152.JPG

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It looks awesome How was trying to slice it hot? I usually steam mine before eating it I like hot pastrami sandwiches

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Well your pastramis looks amasing thou. Hey squirrel thew place he's talking about is KAT'Z in new york. World famous pastrami and corned beef sanwiches. I might say that they are more then really good too. They steam their meat hot and then slice it thou. I do steam my corn beef and pastrami hot thou and that's just cause and it's Kat'z way too.    

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I steamed it then cooled it then used my slicer. it sliced great.

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that looks so good. I was just saying I need to make more

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That looks real tasty!  I've been wanting to try this, but I really want to find a slicer first.


I've had turkey pastrami before, too, that was really good.  I might look into that, as well.

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Where's the mustard? That looks awesome.

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Great looking Pastrami...

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Looks awesome!!!

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hey fishwrestler, got a recipe for that awesome looking pastrami rub??? i got a corned beef ready for some pastrami...yum...

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Just goes to show there are many ways to skin a cat.  I see some interesting ideas here.  I have been steaming it when I want to slice and serve on the plate for dinner.  For sandwiches I have sliced, frozen, and warmed in au jus. I see no reason it could not be steamed, cooled, then sliced though. Fishwrestler, I will be trying that soon.


This QVIEW is making me hungry!

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I have rye !!!
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