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Originally Posted by Biaviian View Post

Yes I plan on calling on Tuesday but thanks a lot for the confirmation on the customer service (it is rare these days and I'm always willing to pay extra for good customer service).  It is just frustrating using it today.  It wasn't too bad the first time using it (it still wasn't going 50 from outside to inside) but I learned to put up with it.  However, it has been going downhill ever since.  I know there was a bad batch a few years ago (a lot of people got them) where the max distance was about 20-25 feet.


I stand mine up on the coffee table, but if Mrs Bear has the metal candle ring as the center piece (she's always changing them), I have to make sure it isn't between the Transmitter & the Receiver. The metal seems to effect it. I move it to the right or left about a foot, and it works fine.



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Originally Posted by Biaviian View Post

This is the cheapest I've seen!  I ordered two more.  Thanks for the link!

Your welcome!  Was thinking of ordering another today too.  Probably going to order an extra probe or two because I think this will become my primary thermo and will only use the Taylor's I bought for backups.

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DeanNC:  Thanks again man.  I ordered one Friday evening and I got it today.  Can't wait to use it this coming weekend.


Probably should order another one.

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You're welcome. That was pretty quick shipping considering the holiday!


Keep the probes out of the kitchen sink, do not submerge in water!  At some point after my smoke on Saturday when I came into the kitchen I found my probes had been placed into the sink full of water (not by me, my helper..lol)...well, yesterday when I rolled me a fattie I found the food probe no longer registered correctly, it was reading 163 sitting on the counter top!  I tested both probes and switched probe connection points and the smoker probe registers correctly in each connections so I'm certain the probe is shot.  At least I'm contributing it to the dunking/soaking in the sink (for who knows nearly an hour maybe) because it worked great before that.  


As previously suggested by others it wouldn't hurt to order an extra probe or two...luckily I had my weekend warriors for backup yesterday.


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For those who may be having trouble getting in touch with Maverick Industries, well, I was finally able to get someone on the phone this afternoon.  Super nice folks and when I explained the inability to reach someone on the phone the lady told me they only have two people who answer the phone and it's hit or miss to catch them.  (scratching my head on that one) But they don't hesitate, no questions ask, they'll immediately ship out replacement parts or units.


I even explained what I may have done (submerged in water) only for the reason to ask if the probes were that suseptable to moisture/water damage and before I could even finish, she ask for my mailing address to ship me another probe.  I mean after all it does state in the instructions not to submerge in water! (lol)


I'll give them a thumbs up even though they are difficult to reach.  If you're having trouble with your device or probe I'd just recommend continuing to try...you'll eventually get someone.  I didn't have the 800 before, but here it is 800-526-0954.

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Wow, and I no sooner post the above and I get a return call for a message I previously left them yesterday, so I guess they do eventually return phone calls!  Try ext 206 when you call them.

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Thanks for the info!  I'm about to call now.  I just got the two I ordered in the mail as well!  This is a good day.  Too bad I am not smoking for at least a week...

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I just ordered another one late yesterday from thekitchenstore.com and they told me they have about 100 left in stock.

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Still have some in stock, I just ordered 1.  Thanks for the heads up.  Nice addition to the ET-7 i already have.

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Dean I truly appreciate the info and link,


I was all set to order, and stopped when I noticed they don't accept PayPal, or have the Shipping & Billing page go into a SSL protected page, or use a 3rd Party CC processor.  I'm sure the company is safe, but I have had online theft of personal credit info twice before.  I tried to call the 1800 to order they were closed.


Regarding security, if the company theKitchenstore has an unsafe system your credit info can be compromised.


I just went through a ebay transaction where the seller didn't use paypal,  I have always used paypal for all ebay purchases, however the item I wanted was only available for bid with this particular seller.  Since ebay allowed the payment option for "Moneybookers" I assumed it was safe.  I thought I had to create an account on with Moneybooker's just like I did with paypal, and a couple of other money processor sites.  So I create the acct, which requires giving my banking account info.  I then proceed to pay for the won bid, click on "Moneybookers" and have to enter my Credit Card Info again,  SOMETHING IS WRONG!  With paypal I never have to enter my CC info except when I either created the acct or added cards.  So I call Moneybooker, and get the Eastern European guy, he explains that I didn't need to create the Moneybooker account, the Moneybooker service was more for sellers to receive CC payments and get instant credit in their account.  I was pissed off, I had just given my private C.C. and checking info to a company I knew nothing about, only because ebay had Moneybookers as an approved method of payment.  I completed the transaction, then asked the guy where he was located......  LONG PAUSE.......  Ahhhhh  our company headquarters are in the U.K.  but our customer service offices are located at various locations in Europe.  Great! "I said, but where are you located?"   Long Pause....  "Budapest"!

I am seriously scared now...  Everyone knows that Eastern European countries are full of internet thieves with Stolen USA credit info.  WORSE I had just given my private credit info to a Eastern European run company.  I asked right then and there that my new account be deleted.  (There are tip offs in how people "online/or over the phone" handle security questions, this guy was sloppy and I knew I was in trouble.)  I would have to trust this guy to delete my account, meaning all my data get erased.  So I asked him to absolutely make sure the account and all data was eliminated, he said fine.  I then asked he send me an email stating he had deleted my account and verified the data was deleted too.  Plus he needed to have his supervisor confirm the same via email.  Next I went to PayPal, ebay, my bank and credit card companies, and changed my user ID and passwords, and which cards were primary, plus moved funds to another account.   Sound extreme?   When you get billed for $700 for an internet book, meaning an ebook, they stole a CC we never use, how and where they got the info I don't know. 

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deltadude, thanks for that security warning and heads up.  I didn't notice that because I ordered mine over the telephone when I called them to ask if they really had them in stock.  And then when I had the probe failure I exchanged emails with them asking about Maverick etc and when I called them back yesterday to thank them, I ordered another over the phone.  


It appears they go through some sort of yahoo merchant account I'm guessing?  I have no idea about the level of security of such, but definitely if you aren't comfortable, by all means don't use it.


In the past I've had to cancel CCs and close and reopen banking accounts to put my mind at ease of some ebay and other online transactions...which is a huge headache to say the least.  The only sure way to be safe once you think you've been compromised is to contact your CC company and/or bank and cancel the account.  

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This is why you should always use the single-use CC numbers when buying stuff online.  If that number is stolen, there is nothing to worry about as they can't do anything with it.

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Originally Posted by Biaviian View Post

This is why you should always use the single-use CC numbers when buying stuff online.  If that number is stolen, there is nothing to worry about as they can't do anything with it.

Do you mean something like prepay cards or travel CC,  I set that up for my daughter when she went to Europe last year.  Do you have a link to the source you use for such cards?

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No.  Prepaid cards are not single-use. You can charge as many times as you want until the balance is 0.  You can also refill most of them.  Single-use cards are still linked to your account but they are only good for one charge.  Essentially these are temporary credit card numbers that are only valid for a single purchase.  After that one purchase they are no longer valid (charges will be declined).  Discover makes it very easy to create these numbers (you can do it on their website or you can even download a CC# generator).  Amex has them as well but they are not as easy to generate (the feature is hidden on their website and it is hard to find it - for me anyway).  I have never looked for Citi or any other company but I'm sure they have them too.  They were created (this "technology") specifically for purchases online.  This way, if the number is stolen, the criminal can do nothing with it other than get frustrated. 

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Also, the payment site is secure.  It is using https as well as using a certificate that was verified by Equifax.  Also the site is using a 256 bit AES encryption algorithm.  This site is as safe, if not more, as Amazon.  Oh, also, they are using a 3rd party CC processor - Yahoo.  One last thing.  Yahoo's merchant solution does use SSL.

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You know I never thought about using the CC# generator on Amex.  Great tip...

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Mama don't know daddies got a spare ET-73 in the pantry!! ahahaha  shhheewww glad she was gone when the UPS man showed up yesterday! LOL 


Great info on the cc# generator! I never heard of that before and will definitely have to look into it further. Thanks!

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Just ordered one today.  Thanks for the link.

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Hi, thekitchenstore.com turns secure as soon as you click on "Checkout" which is before you enter any of your info.

You can see it change over from http to httpS (S = secure) in your browser right after clicking the checkout button.

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Yeah I have no idea what Delta was looking at.  It both uses an SSL as well as a 3rd party (both things he/she said it didn't do).  I wonder if he/she was on a different website?

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